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Replacement Hardwood Border (Front and Back)

Replacement Hardwood Border (Front and Back)

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Replacement for the MOJOFESTO boombox borders (front and back). Choose your finish and hardwood species. Raw woods are pictured here. The standard oil and wax finish is a blend of oil, wax, and polyurethane. Note: some species options add to the price due to variable supply costs, and a self-finished option saves on the price and gives the maker the joy of applying their own finish.

The various species all sound great acoustically. The wood stock is 3mm thick. If your desired species of veneer is not listed or if you need a specific finish, please contact us for custom options.

Replacing the border is a simple operation taking less than a half hour using just a Phillips-head screwdriver. Instructions will be included via email in as a QR code.

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