Collection: Marketplace Vendors and Products Onboarding

Put your art on the radio... you can join this exciting new way to make and sell art that goes on the face of MAKEBOOMBOXES devices. For program terms and details, please see the Artist Agreement.

The process of onboarding your profile and art into the marketplace is... well... it's a little raw at the moment while we're just getting started. The intake flow is piggybacking on the product "check out" workflow. You'll see what we mean after you read on. To start selling in the MAKEBOOMBOXES Art Gallery:

  1. Add an Artist Sign Up "product" to your cart to apply for a Vendor Page in the Art Gallery.
  2. Add to cart one or more Art Face New Product(s) to upload/register your artwork and their details.
  3. After "check out," your profile and art uploads will be reviewed.
  4. Once your profile and art uploads are accepted, we set up your Vendor page and payout method to finalize and go-live.