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Handmade Wooden Boombox: made of Birdseye Maple, Padauk, Mahogany, Cedar.

Handmade Wooden Boombox: made of Birdseye Maple, Padauk, Mahogany, Cedar.

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Your songs will drop jaws anywhere you want to bring music to life. New friendships will spark for the love of music. This original invention is an instrument of sound called a "MOJOFESTO" – meaning magic celebration. Six years of lovingly prototyping handmade boomboxes from artistic materials has finally arrived at this fully sensational listening experience. 

This one-of-a-kind collectable boombox has serial number #003 of the MOJOFESTO Model A3-Timbre Line.

It features a Birdseye Maple and Padauk body, Mahogany back, Padauk border and Cedar face, wet sanded and hand rubbed in fine Tung Oil varnish, UV-resistant Urethane, and Carnuba wax blend for a durable natural finish that can be maintained for decades of satin beauty. Its bluetooth or auxiliary input is amplified at 200 Watts for 8-10 hours of portable play by its Lithium Ion battery. Musicians and music lovers alike will feel the muse represented in lifelike sound presence.

The MOJOFESTO A3-Timbre is built on a wooden frame designed to open up with a screwdriver. You are invited to look inside and see how it is built. Repairs and upgrades can be done in the field. No more disposable plastic bluetooth speakers are needed in your repertoire or in the landfill. Much like you expect a musical instrument to last a lifetime, you can count on a MOJOFESTO to be repairable and playing for many many years.

This unique musical joy device says we are ready to rock; we want to to jam out loud in real places with real people; we love amazing sound, real talk and open communities; we welcome sharing new and old music and ideas. By launching the MOJOFESTO in this series of tonewood-skinned boomboxes, MakeBoomboxes is setting the stage for upcoming DIY kits, and a custom boombox shop.
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