Why Make Your Own Boombox?

Why Make Your Own Boombox?

Why make a boombox in a distressed World that looks like we might not make it? Why build something to last when things are more disposable and the future is less certain every day? Why strive for musical connection in our communities when rising ugly selfishness and distrust threaten to pull us apart? … Yes, that’s exactly why.

#Yes. We can make it... Just published the prequel, "Getting Started" section of the DIY Kit Boombox Assembly Guide ... In it, we try to answer the question "What's the point of all this?" ...

Inside every home-made boombox is a call for togetherness; proof that we can create durable, joyful, musical experiences to share. Behind each unique home-made high-quality boombox is a maker to show that: Yes. We can make it.

DIY Kit Assembly Guide: https://mkbx.info/festo-kit-guide-pdf 
Shop boomboxes and kits here: https://mkbx.info/mojofesto

Here's the flow of the kit build at a high level:






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