The DIY Kit Assembly Guide is So Dialed In !

The DIY Kit Assembly Guide is So Dialed In !

Moving at the speed of progress, the assembly guide now reflects the latest redesign of the box corners. See the most recent kit assembly guide here.

We love how making the boombox chassis corners much more impact resistant led to a multi-month project to update the 3-D model and the print documentation. 

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Making this design improvement also provided a good time to breathe, step back and look with fresh eyes at the overall modular design of the chassis and its expansion panels. The conclusion was clear.

Instead of removable modular sub-panels in the top and sides of the MOJOFESTO boombox, it's better that the entire top and side walls should be modular. This reduces the weight, the hardware parts count, and the complexity of the build. And it frees up more customizable surface area for user innovation and ecosystem add-ons.

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We hope you like the updated design and build documentation!


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