Operation and Customization Guide PDF Available Now

Operation and Customization Guide PDF Available Now

Operate and Customize!

Knowledge is power... and sometimes it's simply feeling permission to paint things or drill holes in them... or it's just knowing how to turn on the power... and what to do if it doesn't turn on, or sounds wrong... this is how we dial it in...

The PDF printed Operation and Customization Guide for the @makeboomboxes Mojofesto model hand-made boombox is here! The operation section covers powering up, dialing in best settings and troubleshooting. The customization section covers installing a guitar strap, skinning the box, and adding / creating accessories.

The downloads below prints best on letter-size paper -- use 2-sided to save paper. The following version is the simple print (non-booklet format). Check back soon for printable booklet format (letter-size, folded in half for stapled spine).

Please comment below with any feedback on the assembly guides, the kit design, and any helpful assembly ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Operation and Customization Guide PDF

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