Milestone Moment: Finished the 3-D Model of the DIY Kit Boombox

Milestone Moment: Finished the 3-D Model of the DIY Kit Boombox

Well, hoots and a holler for a milestone moment ... the 3D model of my MAKEBOOMBOXES DIY kit boomboxes is done (for now). The painstakingly-created CAD model reveals the connection of every part down the last screw, and now reflects the latest significant design changes that I made this Summer to the DIY kit. Here's why it makes a better built boombox and takes this viable product from MVP to MLP (Minimum Lovable Product):

The wall corners got more impact resistance needed to withstand the bumps and knocks of bringing music out into life -- by adding corner, mid-span and cross-piece braces to the four curves of the laser-cut wooden chassis frame.

The top and side panels are now 100% modular fastened only by screws (not glue) so they are far more repairable, replaceable, upgradeable, hackable. The frame skeleton and curved corners are the only glued components (for strong bones and lighter overall weight).

The frame front and back are now 100% symmetrical so builders needn't worry which way is up/down front/back -- having one less arbitrary orientation choice to track eliminates another potential source of build error.

... all without sacrificing the signature lavish expressive listening it offers -- joyous, spacious, detailed, life-like sound.

Next steps: pose the 3D model for illustrations of the revised build steps to insert in the next version of the printed assembly guide. All that clears the path to produce my video version of the DIY kit assembly guide later this Fall. Stay tuned for more progress reports.

Big thanks again to Circuit Launch Alex DantasDan O'MaraPatrick Maniere, and my co-lab mates in individualized program Edward JanneMalcolm KnappJean-Pierre Sainfeld, Anne, Tom, for key insights, encouragement, accountability, brainstorming and tough questions... and Michael Harries for some epic positioning, pricing and packaging feedback.

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