MAKEBOOMBOXES to Exhibit at Open Sauce 2024 in SF

MAKEBOOMBOXES to Exhibit at Open Sauce 2024 in SF

We're pleased to announce that MAKEBOOMBOXES will exhibiting our open source DIY boombox project at Open Sauce 2024 in San Francisco.

This is a convention dedicated to “makers, creators, and innovators” returning to San Francisco for its second year. Open Sauce, which will run June 14 through 16, will bring together 150 top STEM creators along with over 500 exhibits.

What is Open Sauce?

Open Sauce is a convention for STEM creators and businesses. Its annual festival is an opportunity for creators to hear from 150 of the leading voices in the space. 500 exhibitors will also show “inventions and crazy machines.”

“When attendees walk in it’s like they’ve stepped foot into their favorite science YouTube video or TV show,” founder William Osman said in a statement. “We’ve got everything from giant robots like Exosapien, thundering tesla coils from Arc Attack, Battle Bots, a drivable bunk bed on wheels and fried chicken vending machine.”

Alongside exhibitors like Exosapien Technologies, Arc Attack, and Battlebots, attending creators include Adam Savage, Mark Rober, TheOdd1sOut, and Emily The Engineer.

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