Congratulations! Your Hardware is Certified!

Congratulations! Your Hardware is Certified!

Hey that was easy!

All we had to do was make our open source boombox project comply with all the guidelines of the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA), then apply for certification and boom, we just got certified a few days ago ...

Here's our OSHWA certification badge to prove it:

Thank you OSHWA!

The certification mark is now added to the mojofesto open source project repository and we'll be putting it on our website and marketing materials for the boombox. 

Why OSHWA Certification Matters?

Having the official OSHWA certification underscores the trust and community-building benefits of open source hardware outlined in our latest blog: "7 Reasons Why I Embraced Open Source Hardware."

This acknowledgement by OSHWA lends their institutional credibility that we are striving for our project goals in accordance with community principles and standards. OSHWA also helps us navigate practical challenges as we try to advance these meaningful outcomes explained in the blog: create strength of the crowd, share opportunity, act on social concern, safeguard interoperable standards, be a creative catalysis, do our marketing by freeing ideas, and hopefully it all adds up to some good karma! 

Well-timed to the Open Source Hardware Summit 2024 

The Open Hardware Summit, May 3 & 4, 2024 in Montreal and live streamed, is the annual conference organized by OSHWA. Speakers this year include world renowned leaders from industry, academia, the arts and maker community. Talks cover a wide range of subjects from electronics, mechanics to related fields such as digital fabrication, fashion technology, self-quantification devices, and IP law. As a microcosm of the Open Source Hardware community, the Summit provides an annual friendly forum for the community.

Thank you again OSHWA! We were so excited when we got this notice in our email:

Subject: Congratulations! Your Hardware is Certified!
This email serves as official confirmation that your hardware MOJOFESTO DIY Boombox has now officially been certified as open source hardware by the Open Source Hardware Association. Congratulations!
Your UID is: US002628
Your hardware is now listed in the certification directly located here:

Get Involved: Certify Your Open Source Hardware Project

We recommend it -- it's great to be part of something bigger that grows from of the benefits of cooperation and mutuality. And on a very practical level it helps build adoption through trust. As they say in the basics of Open Sourcing: OSHWA certification for open source hardware gives users confidence that the definition of “open source hardware” used by a specific project matches the community definition of open source.

If you're considering open sourcing your hardware project, read OSHWA's definition, and apply for certification.

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