Boomboxing in the Robotics Startups Community

Boomboxing in the Robotics Startups Community

This week in MAKEBOOMBOXES at Circuit Launch … we participated in the lightning pitch round (and also shot all the video) for "Explore the Future of AI in Robotics/Hardware," moderated by Jeff Frick. The panel discussion featured Katherine Scott of OpenRobotics (ROS), and Dominick Lee, Circuit launch Roboticist in Residence. Plus ... Brazilian BBQ! 

This was first of a series of events presented by the Hardware Collective: Circuit LaunchStudio 45 Port LabsHardware MassiveSilicon Valley in Your Pocket Silicon Valley Robotics

In the post-event dance break, the MAKEBOOMBOXES got the dancing started with CEO Alex and the fantastic Emma showing us how it's done…

We demoed the box to George: a cool audiophile and developer says his SONY Bluetooth speakers can never rock his 80s music jam like that!

… and putting the box on the Spot (a ridiculously adept dog robot by Boston Dynamics)

… milling out my #pcbprototype board for custom LED button user interface I’m developing for a customer’s classroom use.

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